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Welcome to Verbal Express

Have you noticed the LACK of confidence in today’s youth? Many kids agree that they are nervous to speak in front of a crowd, in fact 75% of the population admitted having some level of fear to public speaking. We talk and engage in conversation everyday, but there are so many people out there, especially kids, who don’t have the confidence to speak to others or haven’t fully learned the concept of public speaking. Either way, Verbal Express is here to help. This skill will be used for life and the benefits are endless. To help prepare them for the future, what better time than to start now? 

Self-confidence of little girl looking at her reflection

Our Mission. 

Hi, we are Verbal Express, a virtual public speaking coaching program. We know what it's like to experience stage fright, and to feel nervous in front of a crowd. We also know that many more kids experience the same thing, and that the level of confidence in today's youth the deteriorating by the day. Verbal Express is here to instill that confidence into them. Join us to enable youth confidence through the art of public speaking. Click the button below to learn more about our courses!

Students loved their experience with us!

Kids enjoying their online classes
"I really liked this because it had very fun homework and activities. It made me feel more confident in talking speeches and other activities."

Sporsho Banshik

Hands Raised

Over 180 students agreed that Verbal Express positively impacted their public speaking skills.

95% of the kids agree that Verbal Express helped with their ability to speak in public!
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