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Thank you for your interest!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a coach at Verbal Express! The success of the program in providing the confidence and leadership skills in our students depends largely on the efforts of our team of coach volunteers. We are very grateful for them, and delighted for your interest in joining our team.

Coach Responsibilities.

Before you commit to coaching, we need you to understand the following responsibilities you will have, so you can know what to expect and what will be expected from you. 

  1. As a coach, you will be teaching 1 batch of young elementary or middle schoolers the skill of public speaking. We will categorize the kids by age group and have 4 different levels: 

    1. Novice: 1st-2rd graders (4 weeks)

    2. Beginner: 3rd-5th graders, or novice moving up (5 weeks)

    3. Intermediate: 3rd-5th/6th-8th graders, or beginners moving up (6 weeks) 

    4. Advanced: 5th grade and above (7 weeks)

  2. Most of the money that we collect from the kids’ participation, will be donated to various charities/non-profits. 

  3. All of the content will be provided to you by us, with specific speaker notes on how you will have to teach it. You can definitely ask us any questions! After the class, you will have to post the homework on google classroom, which we will add you to. 

  4. Each class is one hour long. Classes are on zoom.

  5. Before class: Make sure you put an announcement in google classroom reminding your students about the upcoming class. After class: Talk about how it was a good class, you will see them next week, and post the homework. 

  6. You will be teaching one class per week, which will total to be a 1-2 hour commitment time every week. 

public speaking coach

Application Form!

Please fill out this application to apply to become a VE coach. We will contact you personally for an interview. Good luck!

Again, thank you for your interest. We hope you decide to help out your community by volunteering with Verbal Express and play a part in changing the lives of so many young individuals.

“They were very nice, and explained many things that I did not know before. I also learned a lot from them like posture, audience, what to talk, and how to!”

Abhay Rao, 7th grade

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